19 Lessons of 2019

As the first month of this year is quickly coming to an end, I've done a lot of thinking and reflecting. 2019 was a trying year with a lot of obstacles, loss, and change. It felt like half the time I was overwhelmed with stress and emotion, which are things that I don't usually do... Continue Reading →

An Update On The Jersey Implant

My life in Indiana has been pretty busy lately and different than anywhere else I've lived. I've been MIA from here, so I decided to write a little update on where I've been and where I'm at in life right now... For someone who has always been a home body, I've been so many places.... Continue Reading →

Things Change

It's sad to look back on my 24 years of life and think about how much has changed. Yes, I know change is the biggest part of life, but I really hate it sometimes. I'm one of those people who holds memories and happy times close to my heart. I'm also one of those people... Continue Reading →

Classic in a Nutshell

Ah... the sweet, sweet weekend that is Oswego Classic. It is awaited all year long by countless people including myself. I swear I start thinking and talking about Classic before race season even starts. It's a long weekend consisting of winged and non-winged supermodifieds with some Whelen modifieds sprinkled in on Saturday. It's racing, family,... Continue Reading →

Racing is Racing

It's no secret that there's a noticeable rivalry between dirt and asphalt racing. I'm always seeing and hearing comments, online and in person, about one or the other. To tell you the truth, it's frustrating at times. I grew up going asphalt racing and I've spent the past couple years getting covered in dirt. I... Continue Reading →

Reminiscing on Racing

As I sit on the steps of the circle center monument in Indianapolis, I feel lucky. My life has been nothing but adventure, change, and excitement. Those are things that I never really saw for myself considering the younger me never wanted to be away from my New Jersey home and family. But here I... Continue Reading →

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