Racing is Racing

It’s no secret that there’s a noticeable rivalry between dirt and asphalt racing. I’m always seeing and hearing comments, online and in person, about one or the other. To tell you the truth, it’s frustrating at times.

I grew up going asphalt racing and I’ve spent the past couple years getting covered in dirt. I love both, so it bothers me that some people could be so harsh. Some just joke and are lighthearted about it, which doesn’t bother me so much. But others seriously act like they’re above the racing that isn’t their norm. What makes you better than a person who has love for the same sport, just on a different surface?

Yes, obviously there are differences between the two but who cares? RACING IS RACING! If you’re like me, you’ll happily go to any racetrack at any possible time just to get your racing fix.

From my experience, dirt and asphalt can BOTH be entertaining and exciting in their own ways. They both have their ups and downs on and off the track, whether it’s with the car, the crew, or any other part of it. I’ve experienced them firsthand so many times and there are notable aspects of the two.

It’s hard for me sometimes to ignore comments putting down one or the other because they’re both such big parts my life. Of course everyone has their own preferences, which is totally fine, but is it necessary to belittle the one that you don’t prefer?

Can’t we all just appreciate and respect the time, money, and talent that goes into all types of racing? There’s absolutely room for both. Racing as a whole is filled with a ton of hard work, dedication, and passion. It has such a strong sense of unity with family, friends, the teams.

Whether it’s on pavement or dirt, I think we can all agree that it’s a badass sport like no other.

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