Classic in a Nutshell

Ah… the sweet, sweet weekend that is Oswego Classic. It is awaited all year long by countless people including myself. I swear I start thinking and talking about Classic before race season even starts. It’s a long weekend consisting of winged and non-winged supermodifieds with some Whelen modifieds sprinkled in on Saturday. It’s racing, family, friends, and just fun. Who wouldn’t want to spend a weekend that way?

Image may contain: Joe Payne III, Anthony Payne and Tiffany Rose, people smiling, people standing, sky and outdoor
My brothers and I

It’s cool with the different types of supers and Whelen there, but I also miss when they had midgets and TQs (three-quarter midgets) there. I grew up watching the TQs, midgets, and supers so seeing them all race on the same huge weekend was pretty awesome.

Anyway, this past Classic Weekend was different. My little brother and dad switched places. This was the first Classic that my dad sat out in over 15 years, and it was the first Classic that my brother, Anthony, had a ride for one of the classes. He practiced and was fast in a winged 350 super and unfortunately the car had issues so he couldn’t race. That was a bummer but I was honestly just happy to see him in a car after a long summer of not racing.

Anthony headed for the scales

The features are 35, 75, 150, 200 laps. Some years are more eventful than others but either way it’s always fun to sit with your people and just enjoy some racing. I know I love it. It’s one of those weekends where you come together with friends who you don’t always see from different tracks and parts of the country.

One of my favorite parts of the weekend is the introductions and National Anthem before the 200 lap race on Sunday. Every driver/car that’s starting in the race lines up on the track in their starting position. All of the families and crews surround the car, pose for pictures, stand together for the National Anthem, and wish their driver good luck. It was definitely a little sad not getting to do that this year, but it was still pretty cool watching from the back grandstands.

Image may contain: 6 people, including Tim Webber, Joey Payne and Tiffany Rose, people smiling, people standing, car and outdoor
2017 Classic- Best appearing car

Afterwards is always fun too, but honestly this year wasn’t as good as usual. The first few years that I was “old enough” to experience Classic, the only feature on Sunday was the big block 200 lapper. It ended in the early evening and the second it was all over, the fans and crowds flooded the pits…

I remember being in awe because there were so many people, some of whom would walk around passing out Jell-O shots. There were a ton of people dancing to the DJ music, and I have a fond memory of my parents climbing on the roof in front of everyone. It definitely felt a little different the past few years, and I’m hoping next year is just as eventful as it used to feel.


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